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Massage Therapy


Sports/Athletic Massage    60 Minutes ~ $115 or 90 Minutes ~ $145

For those active individuals. Whether it is a long day at work or a round out on the greens, this massage helps to maintain flexibility and range of motion utilizing both deep muscle release and trigger point work. Get your mind and body back in the game.



Swedish    60 Minutes ~ $95 or 90 Minutes ~ $130

Indulge in relaxation, a modality that calms the nervous system, relieves stress and tension while stimulation circulation by the movement of blood and lymph through the body. Slip away with the subtle, fluid movements of this massage.



Therapeutic    60 Minutes ~ $115 or 90 Minutes ~ $145

A combination of Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue alleviating areas of pain, discomfort, muscle spasms and stress.



Deep Tissue    60 Minutes ~ $115 or 90 Minutes ~ $145

Works deeper into muscle tissue to achieve release, used for treating injuries, spasms and deep muscle ache. This modality can help correct posture, truly bringing transformation to the body.



Aromatherapy     60 Minutes ~ $115 or 90 Minutes ~ $140

Scented oils are used to stimulate the olfactory into releasing endorphins to relax, detoxify or invigorate and bring an overall sense of well-being. We invite you to indulge and enjoy a relaxing massage and an aroma of your choice that answers your heart's desire.



Hot Stone      60 Minutes $125 or 80 Minutes ~ $155

Handpicked basalt stones are heated and used to massage the body. As conveyers of heat they encourage muscle release and relaxation. Very calming to the overactive mind, the heat, the touch, the texture, all come together to provide a wonderful zone of tranquility.



Reflexology      30 Minutes  ~ $65                   60 Minutes ~ $95

Stimulate the body's own healing potential. From the old world and reborn in the new. Reflexology is based on the principle that all of the bodies systems, functions and processes are mirrored on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Whether you have specific aches or you simply love the incredible relaxation that attention to the feet brings, partake and be uplifted.



Couples Massage     60 Minutes or 90 Minutes  Pricing will vary based upon massage chosen.

For you and your companion, significant other, or friend. Share that soulful healing with another and emerge rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for the next of life's adventures. Afterward you may enjoy either Wine or Champagne for two.

Pricing will vary based upon massage chosen.


Customized Aromatherapy Body Scrubs    50 Minutes ~ $95

A scrub is an invigorating body treatment to smooth away dry, dead skin. Choose one of our scrub bases, including shea butter and almond or coconut oil. Exfoliants include cane sugar, Dead Sea salt and cornmeal. Skin is polished to perfection. Exfoliating enhances and improves the skin's look and texture. Ask the skin specialist to build your own body scrub. The scrub concludes with a light moisturizing treatment.


Add on  a 20 minute Body Scrub to any massage service $30

Add on a Paraffin Treatment to hand or feet $20

Add on Scalp Treatment and Massage 20 min add $30 

Add on Aromatherapy to any Massage $10 


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