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Waxing  Services



Waxing Services

In addition to being effective, our waxing rituals allow the most comfort. Using two different types of wax enables us to customize for the area of hair removal. We offer waxing for the following areas: eye brows, lip, chin, cheeks, hairline, nose, ears, full face, arms and forearms, legs, feet and toes, thighs, bikini traditional style, bikini Brazilian style, back, chest and shoulders.


Full Face  $60

Eye Brows Cleaning and shaping with Tweezer only $35

Eye Brows $25

Lip $25

Chin $25

Nose $25

Ears $25

Underarm $25

Bikini $30 and up

Forearm $35

Full Arm $50

Full Leg $80

Patch $20

Full Leg with Bikini $95

Half Leg $40

Half Leg with Bikini $70 and up 

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